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Love for mental health and wellness

I'm Sharleen Fox. Here's a little about me.
I'm qualified in:
Mindfulness Yoga 200hr Teacher and Mindfulness Meditation 110hrs Teacher

The Mindful Yoga School.
Reiki Master and Seichim Healer
Also offering Crystal Sound Bowls and Grounding hand drum
I'm obsessed with sound and the power of it's healing on our mind and bodies.

My passion is Mental Health and self healing.
I've wanted to help people since I was a little girl and finally on my souls purpose.
As I say,
I needed to be dragged through the mud first to show even more kindness and compassion to others.

The journey of the lotus. 
It comes up through the mud and water to reach 
I love helping people with mental health as I understand how hard the struggles can be.
I've recovered and journeying through:
Anxiety, Depression, RSD (Rejection Sensitive dysphoria) and ADHD.

Diagnosed with ADHD at 33years old but dealing with and learning about mental health since a teen.
I'm no longer ashamed of these diagnoses as we can all struggle at times in our life's.
I'm proud of how far I've come. I believe we all have lessons and learnings to share with
each other.
With more self-love, understanding, knowledge, support, self healing and growth I believe we can all help our Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul in wonderful ways.

I'm a Leo (Sun sign), Wifey, Mum of two plus my fur-baby.
I would say my best qualities are my compassion for others and how I love to listen openly to others which allows people to open up more freely knowing I'm not there to judge anyone.
Friends, Family, Dogs, Animals, Sunsets, Music, Dancing, Yoga, Meditation, Trying new things, Islands, The beach, Camping, Retreats, Chats, Laughter, Art, Nature and her beauty, Learning, Questioning things, Earth, The stars, The moon, Night time peacefulness, Crystals, Food, Tea, GF choc chip cookies, Chocolate, Cold pressed juices.

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