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How does Distance Online Reiki & Seichim Healings work??

Everything is energy. So no matter where you are a reiki practitioner can tune into your energy with your permission. How cool is that! Practitioners use symbols passed onto them through attunements & their teachers to connect to your energy. With permission from you personally or your highest self. If it is a no we do not offer our Reiki or Seichim Energy. It can also be sent to the healing bank to be received when the person is ready to receive it.

The same can be done for house clearings via distance. Each practitioner may work a little differently as they tune into their own skills and intuition. Reiki - Universal - Life Force Seichim- Power of Powers

Personal experiences with friends have been wonderful! Once I have given a friend a session completely via distance no contact, not even online . Then messaged the friend after the healing to see how it went. She said did you send me a rainbow? I replied with you got what you needed. The friend also had a full-body experience of relaxation from head to toe! It was for anxiety so success was achieved in calming her down and bringing her back into her body! YAY! When I offer 1:1 Online distance Reiki & Seichim I love to use my Chakra circles as a guide to your charkas. I then write down what I feel, see, hear, or know in the session and let you know at the end if you wish to know. Some of these messages may only make sense to you. Maybe no sense at all yet. I love to offer some Mindfulness & guided meditation at the start to sink you in. To leave behind what was going on before the session and bring yourself into the here and now. Then I will ask you to continue to relax & breathe while we start the energy healing and clearing. Once complete you are guided back gently. You are welcome to share your experience and hear what came up. And ask any questions you may have. It is best to drink lots of water after a session, be gentle & take care of yourself after. What you may feel in a session?? Nothing Tingles Pins and needle-type feeling Weird sensations Pains Releases Emotions Visions Memories Calmness Peace Relaxation If you are wanting to book a session head to our Book Online page and let's get you into your session.

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Love & Kindness Sharleen Fox - Healing Minds And Wellness

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