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What Is Reiki Energy???

Rei - Spiritual Wisdom Ki- The Life Force Reiki is a special kind of life force or Ki. It is channeled by someone that has been attuned to it by another. Pasted down through a lineage dating back to Dr Mikao Usui in the early 1920s. (Full story on history in another blog.) Reiki is powerful and gentle. Non-Invasion. Hands off and on are used in my personal sessions. On different parts of the body and charkas. We are made up of energy or life force, this is what keeps us alive. We have pathways such as charkas, meridians and nadis where this energy flows throughout our bodies. These can stop flowing or get stuck. Due to lifestyle, emotions among many other reasons why. Leading to blockages in our energy and then in our physical body.

Reiki helps the energy in the body by flowing through to where it is needed. Bringing positive energy to these areas. As humans we have ALOT going on in our lives and bodies so one session isn't going to heal everything. Each session does what is needed in that moment in time. It is not about fixing but helping heal what is needed in that moment. It is also one tool to help with this, not the only tool.

Practitioners learn to listen into their intuition with practice to hold the Reiki energy or clear energy where needed. We also only ask to use 100% pure source and light and can place protection around us. We are channeling this energy through us into you. Pretty cool hey! These treatments can be received in-person or via distant as everything is energy. So practitioners can send healing energy where ever you are! I didn't believe it till I got to do this and now have proof it works!

Sessions I've held, The responses have been lighter, calming & peaceful. I also find people experience none or an array of things during a session. Such as: Tingling Warmth Visions Emotions that come and go Tired after sessions Reduced stress Reduced anxiety Stillness Nothing at all

I personally love the gentleness of Reiki Energy and all it has offered me on my journey. It has been a great tool to help protect and clear my energy and those that surround me. I love to teach how to Ground, Connect and Protect to others as it has been an important helpful tool for me. I enjoy seeing the change in people before and after a session. It warms my heart so much to be able to help give this to others. The best part YOU are your own healer in the process. You allow yourself to heal and you are so POWERFUL! You will discover if you haven't already.

If you want to find out about a session with Sharleen head to our bookings

Love & Kindness Sharleen

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