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Why Retreat days and weekends can be amazing for your mental health!

So a while back being a burnt-out Mother to 2 young children, I discovered a day retreat on the Sunshine Coast. I put my youngest child in daycare and sent the eldest to school. I dropped the guilt and went! I did not realise at the time just how much I needed that day off and to be nurtured by another. My mental health was not so good back then and this day helped give my nervous system a break and settle. I was pleasant to be around again! We all too often give, give and give some more in life. The never-ending to-do list and trying to juggle it all! his is for all humans not just us parents! So it is important to find ways to help bring us out of this more often!

So I find Retreat days and weekends to be an amazing way to recharge, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, bring calmness back in and peacefulness. It is a way to try new things and feel like you have achieved something in a different way. While having a lot of fun too! Look in your area for retreats that align with you... Maybe a... Women's Retreat Men's Retreat Mother's Retreat Yoga Retreat Meditation Retreat Creative Retreat Weekend Retreat Even longer Retreats! There are so many options as facilitators provide what they have to offer. We are spoilt for choice on the Sunshine Coast!

Personally, I have offered on the Sunshine Coast... Mums Day Off Retreat which is beautiful for Mother's to give back to themselves and relax ready to get back into family life after. Often held near the beach in Currimundi! As well as the My Day Off Retreat for all to nourish themselves & relax. With many more in the future. My biggest Retreat dream at the moment is a 2-3 nights at Pumpkin Island Queensland! I cannot wait to create and Collab on that one!!!

I'm wishing you all to find beautiful ways to bring yourself back yo you and to have time to relax and nourish yourself. We all need a break and that time out. Love & Kindness Sharleen x Healing Minds And Wellness

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